forklift maintenance

Wheel chair loaders

A1 forklifts has a large number of wheelchair loaders. We have a mixed range of wheelchair loaders from all the leading companies that are available to our customers for sale or for hire. Our new wheelchair loaders are of top notch quality, while our refurbished wheelchair loaders are carefully repaired and earnestly maintained.
Our customers can either hire or buy one of our wheelchair loaders. If they need our services in this regard, all they need to do is to call us or email us.

We also repair wheelchair loaders. So, if our client has one such wheelchair loader that has suddenly started misbehaving, our experts will reach the site upon being called, to fix it.
Our prices are competitive and our services are top notch. We provide onsite services with as much expertise as we provide workshop services with. Our team strives to attain customer satisfaction and aim to become better than ourselves.

Wheelchair loader service and repair Coffs Harbour