forklift maintenance

Forklift sales – new & used

At A1 forklifts, we understand buying or hiring forklifts can be expensive- both time and monetary-wise. There are things one must research about before proceeding to buy an equipment. But don’t worry a bit about all that. Our team of experts will guide you through the steps necessary for purchasing or hiring one of our forklift equipment. We have a vast range of new forklifts that our clients can choose from to buy or hire. They are all available at a competitive price. We have delivered quite a few thousands of such machinery to happy customers.

Not only do we have new forklifts for sale, but we also keep refurbished forklifts for our customers to buy and hire. Extra care is taken to service these and our team runs all the necessary checks required before we put any equipment up for sale.
When our clients decide to buy or hire a new or used forklift, our team ensure they understand every nook and cranny associated with the purchase. Our prices are affordable and our services are flawless.